Staff Picks: 10 Best Pizzas in New York City

Pizza is one of the quintessential New York foods, but it’s also one the most polarizing, which is why there are debates about what constitutes a good pizza — thin crust, thick crust, wood-fired or coal-oven. The good news is that regardless of your preference, there’s a style of pizza for everybody, from Roman pies to the classic New York slice. After a focused and long discussion, we’ve agreed that these are our favorites.

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1. Lombardi’s Pizza

As the first pizzeria in New York City, Lombardi’s Pizza is as authentic as it gets. Even 100 years later, this place is still believed to have the best slice in New York City. The line here is usually lengthy but once you taste the pizza, you’ll understand that it was worth waiting that long.

2. Grimaldi’s

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Coal oven pizza at its best. Be prepared to wait in line and bring a few friends as the pizza is only sold by the pie. Since Grimaldi’s has a few other locations, the one in Manhattan is usually less crowded. The oven-charred flavor is definitely what makes this place exceptional.

3. Roberta’s

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This pizzeria is a local favorite in Brooklyn. You would never guess from the outside that there is a cozy pizza joint inside. The location itself might not be perfect, but the pizza here is.  Their pies are made by hand in a wood fired oven at 900 degrees. It can be hard to get a table at Roberta’s, but it’s definitely worth the wait (if you have 45 minutes to spare).

4. Motorino Pizza

This restaurant is small and popular; you’ll have better luck grabbing a table if your party is small. Whether you are a local or visiting from out of town, Motorino is a must try in the East Village area!

5. Patsy’s Pizzeria

(Photo by Julienne Schaer/ NYC & Company)

Patsy’s is one of the city’s oldest pizzerias and can still be counted among the best pizza joints in New York City. Their thin crust pies are coal fired which give it a charred hint. If you’re in a rush, they have a takeout counter a few doors down from the main restaurant; But be sure to stop by an ATM before as it’s Cash only.

6. Joe’s Pizza

Joe’s Pizza is as symbolic to New York City as the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building. The popularity of this pizzeria is linked to its traditional New York City style pizza. Since 1975, they have been serving New Yorkers and tourists, making it a true New York icon.

7. Di Fara Pizza

Unless you are already in this Brooklyn neighborhood, getting to Di Fara Pizza can be a little bit of a walk, but it’s well worth it when you’re hiking to one of the New York’s best pizza. Operating since 1964, Di Fara serves both New York and Sicilian-style pizza to hungry New Yorkers and visitors willing to stand in line.

8. John’s Of Bleecker Street

(Photo by apasciuto/Flickr CC)

Yes, John’s of Bleecker is on most people’s list of best pizzas in the Big Apple, but there’s a good reason why this place has become such an attraction. Their pizza is cooked in a coal-fired brick oven, and it’s been done that way since 1929. You can even scratch your name into the walls like the masses before you, but what you can’t do is order a slice.

9. Paulie Gee’s

Not as old as some of the other pizzerias listed here, but Paulie Gee’s will pleasantly surprise you with its tasty pizza. Some of their pies come with really unusual and interesting flavor-combinations and the atmosphere here is very friendly and welcoming!

10. Best Pizza

They’re not kidding: this is literally one of the best pizzas in Brooklyn. As if the name alone didn’t say everything that needs to be said, this pizzeria offers delicious thin-crust pizza by the slice or pie.

Are you drooling yet? Any New Yorker will argue that New York City has the best pizza in America. Although these are some of the best pizzerias around, there are many, many other pizza joints throughout the city that are just as mouth-watering good.

What do you think about this top 10? Sample them and let us know!

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  • August 10, 2016 at 6:05 pm

    What about Pasquale Jones ??
    it’s a wood fired restaurant on Lower East side
    Pizza are delicious AND it’s a non-tipping restaurant. All is included in the price you see on the menu! what about that? 😉
    #pizza #foodlover


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