15 NYC Old School Cool Photos: Harlem Edition

To celebrate Black History Month, we are sharing some of our favorite old school pictures of Harlem. Look at how cool and well-dressed people were back then!

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Now let’s enjoy these beautiful pictures of Harlem from the 20th Century!

1. These three gentlemen & the lady – Harlem 1939
2. The Lindy Hop (the most famous form of swing dance) – Harlem 1930 Card
3.The Harlem street scene from 1935
4. Harlem Renaissance star Josephine Baker walking her pet cheetah Card 5. The legendary Cotton Club – Harlem 1930s Cotton Comes To Harlem | 1930sExterior…
6.This street scene that was neither a movie set nor a modeling photoshoot Card7. This Bookstore in Harlem – 1970s Card
8. These Dapper Men getting their picture taken – Harlem 1930s HARLEM DAPPER | 1930sPhotographer Zack B…9. NYC’s First Ever African American Parade – 1969

NYC’s First Ever African American Parade…


10. Is this what it felt like to be the ladies man in 1940? You guessed it! 🙂
11. Jumping rope in Harlem – Summer 1946

Summer in Harlem, 1946.Photo: Fred SassS…


12. The kids studying at the Jewish Congregation in Harlem – 1940 Card 13.These guys who were out to win the menswear game in 1920s Card
14. These ballet boys who were already defying gender stereotypes in 1968 Harlem! Card 15. When 57 of the greatest jazz musicians of all time all gathered in one spot for this iconic photograph, also known as “A Great Day in Harlem” – Harlem 1958 Card

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