5 Reasons To Visit The Bronx

Today the Bronx is on everyone’s lips. Though its shadowy past seems to linger around and still gives it an imbalanced reputation, the Bronx has long left the past behind to become one of New York City’s most exciting boroughs. If you are not already acquainted with its history, beside the fact that it’s the famous birthplace of the Hip Hop culture, please allow us to school you on why you should visit the Bronx 🙂

We at Harlem Spirituals-New York Visions have been pioneers in creating off the beaten path guided visits to showcase the multiple facets of Big Apple. Long overshadowed by other boroughs, the Bronx remains one of our favorite places in the City and we are very proud and happy to offer our guests a glimpse of all the wonders the Bronx has to offer. Join one of our 3 tours of the Bronx to explore the borough and see for yourself what the hype is all about. Our tours are an ideal option if you are a bit short on time or if you are not keen on getting there by yourself.

Bronx, Brooklyn & Queens Tour w. BBQ Lunch

Need more convincing? Check our list of the 5 reasons why you should visit the Bronx!

1- The Architecture 

Art Deco - Bronx(Photo by Henry C Flickr)

The Bronx’s most popular avenue, Grand Concourse, has always been likened to the Champs Élysées in Paris or even Park Avenue in Manhattan. However, what many people may not know is that, Grand Concourse was actually modeled after the Parisian boulevard. It’s also a great destination to check out some of the best architecture in the Bronx as it highlights the largest collection of Art Déco style buildings in America. From the historic sites like Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum to Woodlawn Cemetery, or the Yankee Stadium, go on a journey that will give a whole new meaning to your New York City experience! Other interesting architectural finds in the Bronx include Loew’s Paradise Theater, the Edgar Allan Poe Cottage, the Bronx Borough Courthouse (a Beaux Arts building that opened in 1915), the Kingsbridge Armory and the outstanding Andrew Freedman Home.

2- Art & Culture 

Bronx parking lot mural - Yankee Stadium(Photo by Wally G Flickr)

The vibrant cultural ambiance that surrounds the Bronx is not always on display. This borough is on the rise and gaining more popularity than ever. Which makes this a great time to get out and explore the “Boogie Down Bronx” in all its glory. Aside from the remaining graffiti murals from its heydays as the breathing ground for all things Hip Hop culture, the Bronx additionally cultivates a flourishing contemporary arts scene. Discover the cultural diversity of the Bronx on our tours, which showcases everything from elegant Art Deco architecture to funky graffiti art, and a glimpse of the Bronx Museum of Art.

3- Entertainment 

Yankee Stadium - NY (Photo by Andrew F.Flickr)

There is a reason why this borough got the nickname of “Boogie Down Bronx.” In addition to a vibrant music scene that blends Latin sounds and Hip-Hop; the Bronx has many theaters, museums and art galleries. It boasts some of the city’s most beautiful outdoor space and ecologically diverse wildlife. Anyone who tells you that the Bronx doesn’t have anything exciting happening may just not know where to go for entertainment in the Bronx. Those familiar with the neighborhood will tell that there are enough places here to keep you entertained for a long while. You can even mix your visit to the Bronx with a trip to the ballpark, by catching a baseball game at the Yankee Stadium. Entertainment in this part of New York City also include theater performances. If the growth of Pregones Theater is any indication of the growth of the Bronx, then this borough is definitely not to be overlooked.

4- Parks 

New York Botaniccal Garden(Photo by George B.Flickr)

Another thing that Bronx-nites and visitors of this borough can boast about is that the Bronx is the most nature-friendly area in all of NYC, with more than 25% of its land dedicated to park and gardens only. In fact, two of the city’s biggest parks, namely Pelham Bay Park and Van Cortland Park are both located in the Bronx. Furthermore, the famous New York Botanical Garden alone is a whopping 250-acre in size. The Bronx also preserves a unique collection of New York’s historic gems such as the thousands years old forest that inspired the city officials to choose that site for the New York Botanical Garden. Today, this is considered to be the largest untouched expanse of New York’s original wooded landscape. The Forest remains intact and is a brilliant reminder of the resilience of nature. Another notable green space not to miss in the Bronx is Wave Hill; the 28-acre garden in the Hudson Hill section of Riverdale.

5- Food 
Let’s start by saying that this borough doesn’t get enough credit for all the amazing culinary gems that are available here. Starting with the Arthur Avenue Market, also known as the real “Little Italy” of the New York City (not to be confused with the one in Downtown Manhattan); this is one the few places in the Big Apple where you can enjoy authentic Italian bites in neighboring restaurants, delis, and bakeries. Apart from Italian food, you can also find restaurants serving dishes from Bangladesh, West Africa, Mexico, Dominica Republic, Puerto Rico, and more. Another great option for foodies here would be a visit to lovely City Island, a seaside community where you can find fresh and delicious seafood.

Did we leave any important aspect about the Bronx off our list? Let us know in the comments!