9 Most Hipster Things Ever in Brooklyn

It is very common to correlate the borough of Brooklyn with hipsters, street art, coffee shops, yoga studios, live music and events. While this does not apply to every neighborhood in Brooklyn, the stereotype certainly arose from Williamsburg. While the term “hipster” is typically used to describe a certain subculture, New Yorker’s now use it to describe “off-the-mainstream’ matters that are seemingly only found in Brooklyn. Now, before you join us to see Brooklyn’s hipster magic with your own eyes on a Brooklyn Walking Tour, here’s our list of the 9 most hipster things to ever have happened in Brooklyn…

1. The Baby DJ School 

Yep, that’s right; parents in Brooklyn send their little ones to vocational schools very early on. Brooklyn Baby DJ School offers classes, birthday parties, private lessons, gift cards, DJs for hire, a thrilling live show and even have a television series en route!


2. The Morning Raves

I mean, who else but the creative and energetic hipsters of Brooklyn can work up the audacity to come up with something as genius as partying early in the morning? These types of parties are nothing new in Williamsburg, but they have become so much of “a thing” that early morning gatherings are now popular in Manhattan and other cities. You may be wondering, what does one wear to a 6 a.m. turn up on a weekday? They recommend that you “dress to sweat” since some of these bashes include exercising and doing some yoga. To get your morning groove on, check out Daybreaker and Morning Gloryville.


3. Halloween or Williamsburg?

Halloween or Williamsburg(IMG from Halloween or Williamsburg)

New Yorkers LOVE fashion. It acts as a means of expressing individuality through their appearance. Some of the outfits might lead us to wondering about the day of the year *Is it October already or is it Comic-Con week? * This answer can be found in a calendar, but for now, let’s just agree that everyday is Halloween in Williamsburg.


4. The Pizza Box Made out of Pizza

(Photo by Vinnie’s Pizzeria)

This one won’t surprise those who know how serious New Yorkers are about their pizzas. But, this place in Brooklyn just took it to a whole new level with their new Pizza Box pizza! That’s right, the makers of the famous “pizza on pizza” in Brooklyn have done it again with their newest extreme pizza.


5. Rainbow Bagels

Not long ago, people on the Internet lost their mind over some colorful and photogenic bagels because rainbow foods are all the rage these days. The multicolored bagels are brought to us by a place fittingly called The Bagel Store located in Williamsburg. It’s safe to say that the rainbow bagels are still selling out every day. So if you want to get a taste, be sure to call and place an order the day before.


6. Dumpster Dining

salvage-supper-club- brooklyn(IMG courtesy of Salvage Supper Club)

You know about dumpster diving… But have you tried Dumpster dining in Brooklyn yet? Yeah we know that you are currently asking yourself what the rest of us have been wondering about for a while – is there anything the hipsters of Brooklyn won’t try as long as it looks cool on the surface? The answer is no 🙂 However, in this particular instance they are doing it for charity. So while seeing Brooklynites leave their lovely brownstones to go dine in a Dumpster may look pretentious, the Salvage Superclub was actually doing it for a good cause.


7. Dumpster for Rent

If you are familiar with apartment hunting in this city, you know that things are not always what they sounds like. But, if someone describes a place as “art deco hipster retro mini apartment from a converted dumpster” for rent, believe them and run away! Because this is not a joke and it will even cost you a pretty penny to rent it. For those who are into unique homes, this one may be right up your alley and you too can have the home of your Instagram dreams in Williamsburg.


8. The Adult “Preschool”

Adult Preschool-Brooklyn(Photo courtesy of Preschool Mastermind)

This one of a kind “school” in Brooklyn has also branded the Preschool Mastermind. Even though it’s just for adults, the school offers a realistic day care experience that includes non-age-appropriate activities like finger painting, Play-Doh and Crayola arts and crafts, field trips, and most importantly nap-time! If you agree that the best way to cope with stress is to reconnect with your inner child, then this may just be your best option. Besides, nothing ain’t cool unless Brooklyn says it is!


9. Williamsburg Hipsters’ New Year’s resolutions

When Buzzfeed asked hipsters in Brooklyn about their New Year’s resolutions, they brought it; they kept it 100 percent REAL and blew everyone’s mind with their amazingly organized, logical and thoughtful resolutions. Check it out.


No doubt that by now you must have heard millions of things about Brooklyn. But to separate fact from fiction, we invite you to experience this borough for yourself. Our Brooklyn Walking tour will not only show you the trendy side of Brooklyn but also take you off the beaten path so you can soak in all the borough’s flavor.  Another great option is our Triboro Tour from Hip Hop to Hipsters with a BBQ Lunch, which allows you to get a glimpse of the real New York through 3 major NYC boroughs in one day, complete with a BBQ lunch in Brooklyn! This is especially ideal for those who are short on time but still looking to see all of New York greatness.

What is the craziest thing that you’ve seen in Brooklyn? Comment below!



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