What’s the best way to get from JFK Airport to Manhattan?

JFK, is the primary international airport serving New York City. It is the busiest international air passenger gateway into North America, the fifth busiest airport in the United States and the busiest airport in the New York City airport system, handling just under 59 million passengers in 2016. Over ninety airlines operate out of the airport, with non-stop or direct flights to destinations in all six inhabited continents.

Credits: Harlem Spirituals
Credits: Harlem Spirituals

If you want to start your visit to New York City off on the right foot, you’ll want to make your arrival to the Big Apple as easy possible. So, how do you plan on getting from JFK Airport to your hotel in Manhattan?

Well, here are five ways you can travel from JFK to anywhere in Manhattan. What’s best for you depends on your budget and any time constraints you may have.

The Train

If you want to save some money traveling back and forth to JFK Airport, then the Airtrain to the subway, and the subway to your hotel is the best way to go. It will only cost you a very economical $7.25 per person.

Credits: Wikimedia
Credits: Wikimedia

But be forewarned, you’ll have to drag your luggage up and down a lot of stairs, and then you still have to get from the subway station to your hotel.

You can board the Airtrain in the airport and travel to either the Howard Beach Station, where you can catch the A Train, or Sutphan Boulevard Station, where you can catch the E, J or Z Train. The Airtrain costs $5.00 and entrance to the subway system costs $2.75 totally $7.75.

The Yellow Cab

This is by far the easiest way to get from JFK to anywhere in Manhattan (anywhere in the entire city really) for up to a party of four, but of course it’s not the cheapest.

Credits: Wikimedia
Credits: Wikimedia

According to rules set out by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, for trips between (to and from) Manhattan and JFK International Airport, the flat fare is $52.00 plus any tolls and a NYS Tax of $.50. There are signs that will direct you to the taxi stands outside ever terminal in the airport. There will be queues/lines of taxis waiting to take you where you want to go. An attendant should be there to answer any questions

How Long Should it Take? That depends on the traffic. If you fly into JFK at 5:00 PM (rush hour), you’ll be luck if it only takes you two hours to get to your destination. Typically it should take an hour or so. Beware of gypsy cabs, if someone offers to give you a ride. It’s probably a scam. Some of them son’t hesitate to charge you $200!

The Shuffle

There are several Airport Shuttle companies to choose from and truthfully, if you have a large party traveling with you (more than 4 adults), this might be the best way to go unless you hire a private transportation.

Credits: Harlem Spirituals
Credits: Harlem Spirituals

Once you reach the airport, you can proceed to the Ground Transportation desk to get information on where you catch your shuttle, or you can use one of the courtesy phones in the baggage claim area. Keep in mind that you may not be the only passenger in the van, and you may have to go along for the ride while other passengers are dropped off at their destination first.

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Book a comfortable SUV

Begin your New York City vacation with peace of mind! Skip the waiting lines and the frequent stops, and enjoy a comfortable and convenient luxury sedan ride to your hotel from JFK Airport. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from JFK Airport to any hotel in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Credits: Harlem Spitituals
Credits: Harlem Spitituals

Once you arrive, you will be met by one of our representatives at the airport. For domestic arrivals, your driver will be waiting at the bottom of the escalators leading from the gates to the baggage claim area. For international arrivals, your driver will be waiting outside customs by the door leading from the customs area to the terminal. Your driver will be wearing a dark suit and a tie, and will be holding a sign with your name, or party’s name, on it.

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The Limo Transfer

Begin your New York City vacation in style! Skip the waiting lines and the frequent stops, and enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stretch limo ride to your hotel from JFK Airport. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from JFK Airport to any hotel in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Credits: Jeff Murphy
Credits: Jeff Murphy

Once you arrive, you will be met by your driver at the airport. For domestic arrivals, your driver will be waiting at the bottom of the escalators leading from the gates to the baggage claim area. For international arrivals, your driver will be waiting outside customs by the door leading from the customs area to the terminal.

Your driver will be wearing a dark suit and a tie, and will be holding a sign with your name, or party’s name, on it.

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For more information on the Airtrain, go to The MTA’s Website.

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Sit back, relax, and sip on champagne in your own private limo!

Sit back, relax, and sip on champagne in your own private limo!

New York is a magic city! Its gigantic avenues, its high buildings, its various districts offer the feeling to be with the crossroads of the world! Times Square, Central Park, Soho, Meatpacking, West Village, all these districts deserve to be explored in order to get  the spirit of the Big Apple. There is always something to discover !

To manage perfectly your adventure, you might want wearing running shoes and get a metrocard! Easy, it is what would comes to mind to each of us but have you thought of experiencing a different side of New York : Exploring the city in the luxury of your own private stretch limousine. This VIP option will enable you see unique views of  the city. We live only once so why not!?

The star of New York is You !

Credits: Chad Frederick
Credits: Chad Frederick

Who said you deserve to be treated like a star?! There are multiple formulas for a large range of prices and each one of them has the merit to offer the services of a private driver who will join you in this adventure. You need to know that you can decide of the itinary you want to follow, but your private driver will give its best advice to make sure the trip is a success. You have a true expert of the roads with you and it’s priceless 😉

Credits: Harlem Spirituals
Credits: Harlem Spirituals

Imagine one second yourself on board of this Dream limo, dazzled by the magic lights of the buildings around you. Do you plan a romantic night with your lover? Do you need to celebrate a birthday or a special occasion, all the excuses are great to offer yourself a little treat! The limo can embark 5 people max!

A wonderful & customized tour

Credits: Mghphoto
Credits: Mghphoto

Of course, you can of course customize your trip by choosing your background music and  celebrating the evening with the best champagne E tutti quanti!

My advise to you : At least make a a stop on the Brooklyn Bridge to admire the panoramic view of Manhattan. An unforgettable memory fits forever in your American adventure.

Harlem Spirituals offers 3 excellent formulas for you

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Private Tour with champagne, dinner in a mythical Jazz Club

Credits: Harlem Spirituals
Credits: Harlem Spirituals

Experience a night out in New York City in style! Sit back, relax, and sip on champagne, while you explore NYC in the luxury of your own private stretch limo. After the tour, enjoy dinner and live swing jazz at one of New York’s best jazz clubs. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!Explore NYC on a two-hour private stretch limo tour. See Manhattan’s famous sights with you own personal guide
Enjoy dinner and live swing jazz at one of New York’s best jazz clubs.
Experience one of New York’s best evening tours in a luxurious super-stretch limousine with champagne, a feast and jazz show at a famous NYC jazz club! When the sun goes down, the lights go up as you tour past Times Square, Rockefeller Center, 5th Avenue and many other locations. The tour departs from your hotel in Manhattan, where a local New York City tour guide will greet you. The itinerary follows Midtown and the hip Meatpacking District, New York City’s newest and trendiest neighborhood! As you are driven through Manhattan in your luxurious limousine, you will see New York’s nightlife and beautiful illuminations! After your two-hour tour, you will be taken to one of the famous NYC jazz clubs where you will enjoy dinner and a fantastic live swing jazz show. The perfect way to spend an evening in the City That Never Sleeps!

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Private Tour « Princes of Gotham» with Champagne

Credits: Hyp-hen-ated
Credits: Hyp-hen-ated

Experience the City’s lights in VIP style! Sit back, enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne and enjoy the sights. Your tour begins when we pick up your party at your hotel location in your very own private stretch limousine. Discover NYC on a two hour private stretch limo tour. See the City’s famous sights with your own personal guide. Enjoy complimentary champagne along the way.
Our deluxe private vehicles with tour guide will pick up guests from their lobby and treat them to customized itineraries including tours of Manhattan, Harlem, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. Travelers can select the neighborhood, theme and duration of the tour. Private tours are available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese.

Tour Privé « Kings of the Night» avec Champagne

Credits: Harlem Spirituals
Credits: Harlem Spirituals

Enjoy an amazing experience in VIP style! Tour the City in your own private stretch limousine with your own personal navigator to guide you. Sit back, enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne and take in the Big Apple like a star! Discover NYC on a three-hour private stretch limo tour. See the City’s famous sights with your own personal guide. Enjoy complimentary champagne along the way.
Your private tour of the City begins with direct pick-up from your hotel. Your personal guide will then show you around town, where you will see famous NYC neighborhoods, landmarks and attractions, including West Village, SoHo, TriBeCa, Chinatown, Little Italy, Chrysler and Empire State Buildings, the World Financial Center, South Street Seaport, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Heights Promenade and many more! You will have the opportunity to get out at most locations along the way to explore and take photos.

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Neighborhood Guide: What To Visit In Harlem

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Welcome home to Harlem! Home- evocation of an immediate sense of peace and belonging; which is exactly the feeling you have when stepping foot here. As you likely know, Harlem is a comeback tale of the ages, which has resulted in a surge in visitors in recent years. This tale, coupled with all the exciting and meaningful adventures to be had, is the inspiration for this post…the first in a series of posts dedicated to Harlem’s greatness and the best things to do in Harlem. Let’s start this week with What To Visit in Harlem!

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Top 10 Activities For Your Holidays in New York

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The holiday season in New York City is indisputably one of the best times to be here. As if the city didn’t have enough going on, the number of activities and attractions nearly triple during this time of the year. Anyone who’s ever spent Holidays in New York can tell you that there is a lengthy list of things to do by the end of it. With so much happening, here are our top 10 activities to best enjoy the holiday season in the city that never sleeps!

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4 Reasons To Travel To Queens

4 Reasons To Travel To Queens

Welcome to Queens; New York’s largest borough that has also recently become one of its trendiest. Lonely Planet actually made a statement by choosing Queens as their No. 1 travel destination in the United States for 2015, and they couldn’t be more right. With great views of the skyline, cultural richness, unique art galleries, exciting food destinations, and endless boutiques; spending a day in Queens has never been more fun and fulfilling.

If you’re looking to check out Queens in the near future, and especially if you are short on time, be sure to join Harlem Spirituals’ Triboro tour! We’ll show you the best of Queens and get you acquainted with its trendiest neighborhoods like Long Island City and Astoria. Exploring the borough with our local guides is also the guarantee of a stress-free approach to traveling off the beaten path – and this will enable you to collect precious tips for when you decide to venture out there on your own. Additionally, the Triboro tour includes fantastic attractions like: Astoria’s Socrates Sculpture Park, Queensbridge Park, Gantry Plaza State Park and more!

Now, let’s have a look at our 4 reasons to travel to Queens!

1 – Art
Queens is considered by some as the place to go in NYC if you are into art, especially since the christening in 2014 of the 24-block new arts district in Astoria. To explore the Art world of Queens, here’s what we suggest: begin your journey at the Museum Of Moving Image, then the Noguchi Museum, MoMA PS1, the Modern Art Foundry, the SculptureCenter of Long Island City, the Silvercup Studios, and the Kaufman Astoria Studio, which are all very fascinating and informative places to see in Queens. Socrates Sculpture Park, a waterfront outdoor museum, offers great views of Manhattan and free activities including seasonal open-air movie nights and yoga classes. You can also take a stroll in Astoria Park, which is vast and picturesque all along the East River for those interested in photography; or the beautiful Gantry Plaza State Park, one of the best waterfront parks in the entire city. A visit to the Queens Museum of Art can be more exciting than your average museum outing thanks to the famous Panorama of the City of New York (a must-see) and the iconic Unisphere, also known as the largest global structure in the world!

Museum Of Moving Image(Photo by Jason E. )

2 – Culture
In a borough known for its cultural diversity, it’s not surprising that Queens hosts numerous museums and cultural institutions that serve its very diverse communities. For instance, the borough fosters its diverse culture, with the establishment of places like the Afrikan Poetry Theatre, the Black Spectrum Theater Company, the Hindu Temple Society of North American and more. While you don’t hear this often, Queens actually played an important role in NY’s jazz history thanks to Jazz luminaries who reside there such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, and many more including Louis Armstrong, whose house in Queens is now both a historic museum and a National Historic Landmark! And, despite the fact that Williamsburg (Brooklyn) has been widely dubbed the “artsy” borough of NYC, Queens has long been home to many famous artists. Moreover, several hip-hop acts over the years all hail from Queens, including Nas, LL Cool J, Run-D.M.C., Mobb Deep, A Tribe Called Quest, 50 Cent, Nicki Minaj… the list goes on. Queens’s other cultural institutions not to miss include: New York Hall of Science, Queens Botanical Garden, King Manor museum, Flushing Town Hall, just to name a few.

Sek’end Sun - Astoria(Photo via Sek’end Sun )

3 – Food
As you may know, Queens is not only the most diverse borough in NYC but it’s also one of the most diverse places on the planet, with South American, South Asian, and Middle Eastern communities joining the Italians and Greeks who’ve been there for generations. You can find delicious foods on nearly every block in Astoria, from deep-fried Sriracha mac & cheese to impeccably made cannoli. A staple in Queens’ already massive Greek scene, Taverna Kyclades is one of the best Mediterranean foods in NYC and has played host to the likes of several celebrities. Another great Mediterranean option is Stamatis, which offers a simple and family-friendly environment. Carnivores should stop by the Butcher Bar, which serves locally sourced 100% organic barbequed meat. For Latin flavors, try Favela Grill or MexiBBQ. Although Astoria has a good variety of cuisine, Flushing Chinatown still rules as the best neighborhood for authentic and delicious Chinese food. Dining alfresco is the norm in Astoria and Long Island City, and there’s a real sense of community as you stroll along the avenues.

Taverna Kyclades - Fish(Photo via Taverna Kyclades )

4 – Entertainment
Known for their familial atmosphere, Astoria and Long Island City are both home to many career dedicated millennials as well. With trendy pubs popping up on what seems like every block, these neighborhoods have no shortage of bars and happy hour deals! The best bars range from “kitsch” cocktail dens to a unique early-20th-century beer garden. Are you ready for a drink yet? 🙂 If you find yourself looking to grab a drink before or after a meal, the best all year round choices include Winegasm, The Queens Kickshaw, Sweet Afton, Sunswick 35/35, The Sparrow Tavern, Dutch Kills and the Mosaic Craft Beer & Wine Bar. To enjoy outdoor bars or entertain a group of friend, go to the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden or the SingleCut BeerSmiths, both of which are especially popular during the warmer months. Beer elitists, especially, will enjoy themselves in Astoria as the number of impressive breweries in the area keeps growing noticeably. Additionally, Queens is known for being home to several beer gardens, including hotspots like Mar’s and Sek’end Sun, both of which are located in Central Astoria. Quiet Clubbing parties regularly invade the famous Bohemian Hall Beer Garden every other Friday during the summer. While MoMA PS1, one of the most modern museums in NYC, also host really awesome parties and concerts on weekends during the warm season. Other trendy hangouts here include Cávo, Central Lounge and Baroque nightclub.

The Queens Kickshaw(Photo via The Queens Kickshaw  )

 Queens has long been on the cutting edge of filmmaking, and contemporary art but these days, all eyes are on this now hip borough thanks to everything else that it has to offer. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, travel through Long Island City and Astoria with Harlem Spirituals – New York Visions and you’ll find yourself in a community that, even by NYC’s standards, is definitely quite special!