How To: Transfer To and From NYC Airports

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There are three airports serving New York City: LaGuardia, Newark and JFK, and many options to commute to and from each. Although the planning can sometimes appear to be a bit overwhelming, we promise that the process will run smooth as long as you do a small amount of planning beforehand. Here are our recommendations to start your NYC experience with no stress.


Yellow Cab

(Photo: Joe Buglewicz/ NYC & Company)

Yellow Cabs are everywhere in New York City. Just raise your hand to pick up a vacant one on the street and you will get to your destination, whether it be somewhere in the city or to and from an airport. Be sure to always plan according to traffic though!  This is the priciest of all options, but it certainly gets the job done.


JFK – Yellow Cabs have a fixed fare from and to JFK: $52.80 plus tolls and tips can add up to over $60. There’s also a $4.5 surcharge during rush hours (4pm to 8pm, not applicable during legal holidays)

Newark – Metered fare with a surcharge of $17.50 and the tolls for a total of around $50 (depending on traffic, destination, and time of the day)

Laguardia – Metered fare. Can fluctuate between $30 and $50


Train or Bus

E train waiting at platform, the E train goes to JFK Airport

On a budget? The NYC subway system works 24/7 and is one of the safest in the country. Check out HopStop, Google Maps, or CityMapper for a detailed itinerary tailored to your location and time. The Subway is a great means of transportation when getting around the city, but keep in mind that if you have luggage, this might be little bit of a hassle as most subway stations don’t have accommodations.


JFK – $2.50 train ride with Metrocard + $5 JFK AirTrain

Newark – $2.50 train ride with Metrocard + $5.50 Newark AirTrain

Laguardia – $2.50 with your Metrocard – this is not a dream, it’s America!


Airport Shuttle

Go Link Shuttle

Shuttles are door-to-door vans that pick you up and drop you off along with other passengers. Since the price for the ride is shared, it’s very economical. They also assist you in assessing what is the best schedule so that you don’t miss your flight! They are available 24/7 all year long. Since you are sharing a vehicle with other riders, consider it an eco-friendly option! the only downfall of this option is the fact that if you happen to be the final destination, the ride may be longer than usual; yet, you are in New York, so enjoy the ride and the view along the way!


JFK – $22, book here!

Newark – $21, book here!

Laguardia – $20, book here!


Car Service

Black Strech Limousine

If you are traveling with a group or if you are in the mood for a fancier commute, splurge with a car service transfer. You can chose between the classic Rock-Star stretch Limousine, or a more discreet Sedan – both just as comfortable! This is most certainly the best way to kick-off your NYC vacation! Prices vary according to size and destination, so check out the best option for you!


Alternative Options

(Photo: from Pexels)

There are several alternative options of transportation that are sometimes more cost and time efficient. When coming to New York City, we highly recommend downloading the UBER app, Lyft app and VIA app on your smartphone. All three act as a cheaper taxi service, but instead of flagging down a yellow cab on the side of the street, you preorder a driver through the designated application. All you do is insert where you want to go, and depending on the milage and need for drivers, a fixed price will appear before you accept the ride. Usually you can compare the three to find which one is the cheapest. You can track how far away your driver is from picking you up, and the route he or she takes to get you to your destination.  If you plan on spending the night out in the city and need an easy way home, this is your best option.

We hope this article was helpful for you to decide your best mode of transportation during your stay here in New York City. Have any questions? Let us know!  Find more information on or contact us at


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