The 15 Best Activities To Do With Your Kids In New York

Fun-filled activities that will captivate you and your kids here in New York City are aplenty! From thrilling observation decks, cruises, zoos, museums, various exciting attractions, tours, parks, stores, art, and more, there’s something for everybody in your family that’ll make your trip to the Big Apple one to fondly remember for years to come.

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4 Awesome Reasons To Travel Through Harlem

The cultural lines between Harlem and the Upper East and West Sides of Manhattan are getting progressively blurred. While the face of Harlem is changing, the soul food and its fanatics only grow with every new restaurant. The world famous Apollo Theater, Amy Ruth’s, and Sylvia’s are all classic spots that have contributed to cultivating Harlem as we know it today. New mainstream businesses are opening alongside the mom & pop stores, while several upscale restaurants are taking up 8th Avenue in the southern part of Harlem. There’s no special way to narrow down the list of all the extremely interesting things to do and see in Harlem but here are the reasons why you want to check it out!

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What To Visit In Harlem: The Best Sights and Attractions

Welcome home to Harlem! Home- evocation of an immediate sense of peace and belonging; which is exactly the feeling you have when stepping foot here. As you likely know, Harlem is a comeback tale of the ages, which has resulted in a surge in visitors in recent years. This tale, coupled with all the exciting and meaningful adventures to be had, is the inspiration for this post. Now lets get right into What To Visit in Harlem!

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gospel in Harlem

In The Fire Next Time, James Baldwin described his Gospel experience in a church of Harlem:

The church was exciting. There is no music like that music, no drama like the drama of the saints rejoicing, the sinners moaning, the tambourines racing, and all those voices coming together and crying Holy unto the Lord – and their cries of “Amen!” and “Hallelujah!” and “Yes, Lord!” and “Praise his name!” and “Preach it brother!” all became equal, wringing wet, singing and dancing, in anguish and rejoicing, at the foot of the altar” (1936)

Gospel music is deeply moving, and erases all differences. We have all heard it, danced to it, sang along… Here are a few facts worth knowing about the history of Gospel in Harlem. Read more

A Guide To Classic NYC Food Experiences

A Guide To Classic NYC Food Experiences

It is not enough to just know about the latest food craze or trendy restaurant. The real pursuit is in finding the hidden gems. We’re talking under-the-radar eateries where real New Yorkers go for delicious, unpretentious bites that always manage to hit the spot. How will you ever know where to go when New Yorkers like to keep their favorite places a secret so it doesn’t get lost in the other crowded joint in NYC? Here is our insider guide to good eats in the Big Apple.

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