Must-do in New York: Attend a Gospel concert in Harlem

On your way to New York? You absolutely must visit Harlem with its dynamic churches and all-around richness that permeates through several domains: Music- with the blossoming of the jazz genre, its extraordinary musicians and legendary nightclubs; Architecture- with some 400 churches and fascinating streets with stretches of brightly colored residences; Street art- with large and spectacular wall murals; Soul food– an African-American culinary tradition to discover its famous fried chicken and unlimited buffet brunches…. And especially, nothing says Harlem like Gospel Music, the symbol of fight against slavery, with religious songs powerfully sung by remarkable choirs. Here are our best tips for attending a Gospel service in Harlem while discovering all the richness and beauty of a historic neighborhood, full of pride, emotion, and culture.

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Then & Now: Harlem Renaissance to Today

Harlem will celebrate this year the 100th anniversary of its golden era: the Harlem Renaissance. Let us go back in time to look at the storied past and transformation of our most beloved NYC neighborhood! Before it became a Manhattan neighborhood, Harlem was actually a village named Nieuw Haarlem, named by the Dutch. It has ever since kept its independent spirit and its own culture, feeling like an entire new world from the rest of Manhattan. Read on to explore the riveting evolution of the Harlem neighborhood through the Harlem Renaissance.

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