Harriet Tubman Memorial - Harlem Monuments

5 Harlem Monuments You Should Not Miss

From the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920’s, through the civil rights movements in the 60’s, and until today with its ongoing renaissance, Harlem has always played a pivotal role in African American history. While visiting Harlem, you’ll come across a number of Harlem monuments honoring prominent African American figures. Here is our list of 5 Harlem monuments you should not miss and the inspiring destinies of the figures they are representing.

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The Best restaurants in Harlem - soul food

Staff Picks: The Best Restaurants in Harlem

Where to eat and what are the best restaurants in Harlem, you ask? Gourmet, traditional or exotic cuisine, starred restaurants, or just some finger snacks? As you may have guessed it, the options are plentiful. For this edition of our Harlem Guide, here are our favorite eateries to keep you nice and fed in this iconic neighborhood. Choose what’s best for you on any given moment of the day.

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What To See In Harlem: The Best Sights and Attractions

Welcome home to Harlem! Home- evocation of an immediate sense of peace and belonging; which is exactly the feeling you have when stepping foot here. As you likely know, Harlem is a comeback tale of the ages, which has resulted in a surge in visitors in recent years. This tale, coupled with all the exciting and meaningful adventures to be had, is the inspiration for this post. Now let’s get right into what to see in Harlem!

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