The Best Places With Scenic Views Of NYC

The fast life of New York City tends to make us forget about the visual magnificence that is Manhattan. Most people would agree that Top of the Rock, The statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building all offer some of the most stunning sights. But as you could expect from a city as resourceful as NYC, there are plenty alternative spaces that also boast outstanding views of Big Apple. Here are 10 places with killer views to explore.

1 . Brooklyn Bridge

brooklyn bridge(Photo by Roger)

Brooklyn Bridge Park spreads all along the Brooklyn waterfront, and has plenty of fun things to do. But besides the playgrounds, eateries, pools, and promenades, the park also offers stunning views. Piers 1 and 6 are especially picturesque, with spectacular views of the Manhattan island. The bridge itself is a must-see landmark in New York City but when you add the views and the ice cream (from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory), it becomes an undeniably exciting destination that is totally worth the trip every time, whether you decide to drive, walk, or bike.


2 . One World Trade Center

one world trade(Photo by Phil D.)

It’s no surprise that the views of New York City from the tallest tower in the Western Hemisphere are matchless. It seems like this building was built with that goal in mind. In fact, their motto is “See Forever” from One World Observatory, and this is not an overstatement. You do get a bird’s eye view of almost the whole borough and a close-up of the Brooklyn Bridge. This can be an emotional place to go to, since it will most likely triger memories of the tragic events that lead to the construction of this building, but it is an incredibly beautiful place to be visit nonetheless.


3 . The Rooftops

press lounge nyc(Photo Courtesy of Press Lounge)

Some of them have pools; others have incredible dining and drinking experiences complete with a view of the city’s most iconic buildings. Although the rooftops are often located in hotels, this doesn’t mean that you need to be a guest to enjoy them. While some rooftops in New York City only open in the summer, many of the popular ones stay open year round. When it comes to enjoying the city’s skyline, there aren’t many options better than cocktails with amazing views. Some really good ones include 230 Fifth, Press Lounge, Top of the Strand, Gansevoort Hotel, Bookmarks rooftop bar, le Bain rooftop, Parker Meridien, just to name a few.


4 . The High Line Park

Highline Park(Photo by David B.)

This distinctive Park has a truly fantastic view of the city and it remains one of the best places that will allow you to see New York City in a whole new light and from a completely unique environment. Designed to keep up with rooftops, balconies, and windows in Manhattan, the High Line Park offers a peek into its surrounding neighborhoods like Midtown West and Chelsea.


5 . The Staten Island Ferry

staten island ferry nyc(Photo by Flickr U.)

Easy access, useful and charming, The Staten Island Ferry operates as a non-vehicular public means of transportation in Manhattan. This boat ride alone is worth the trip but if you add the views you get here, you’ll quickly realize that this is probably the best option for anyone looking to see the Statue of Liberty while taking in the exceptional views of Lower Manhattan. You will not only appreciate the panoramic views from different angles, you will get to see it from below which will give you a better perspective of the magnitude of Manhattan. And, there’s something quite exciting about being on a boat in the middle of New York City.


6 . The Torch of the Statue of Liberty

statue of liberty torch(Photo by Aidan W.)

Known as an iconic New York City landmark, the Statue of Liberty is also a terrific place to take in the exquisite views of Manhattan Skyline. Visiting the crown of the Statue of Liberty is definitely one of the most satisfying experiences you can have in New York City. But, since 2009, due to changes in the regulations, you have to make reservations in advance to get access to the crown.


7 . From the Sky (Helicopter Tour)

helicopter tour nyc(Photo by Kris A.)

The helicopter tour is the ultimate way to catch the sights of New York City. Reserve one of these helicopter tours and take to the skies to enjoy thrilling views of the city. For those planning to get engaged in the Big Apple, there is absolutely nothing quite like popping the question in the setting of the inspiring sights of Manhattan. Romance in the air, anyone? Besides, you will get to see Ellis Island, the World Trade Center and more!


8 . By Sailing (Cruise Tour)

(Photo by Flickr U.)

One of the advantages of exploring New York City by cruise is that; unlike many of the other places on this list, cruising around Manhattan gives you different takes and a variation of views from one scenery to another. To enjoy the New York skyline with smooth sailing and great views, book one of our cruises and let the fun begin!


9 . Top of The Rock Observation Deck

Top of the Rock

This place has what many people consider to be the finest vistas in Manhattan. One of the advantages of going to this observation deck is that you get breathtaking views of the city thanks to its spacious 360-degree decks. In other words, it’s ideal for snapping photos. The view here includes many of the major sights such as the Grand Central Terminal, Central Park, the Chrysler Building, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the Empire State Building and more. Get your tickets now!


10 . The Empire State Building

Empire State Building(Photo by Eric K.)

Its days as the tallest building in New York City may be long gone, but the Empire State Building is still among the most iconic sight in the city. It observatories boast panoramic views of New York City and on a day when the sky is clear, you can see parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and even Massachusetts! Try visiting it just before sunset so you can enjoy the varying shades of colors around the city. Also, keep an eye out for the lights at the top of the building, which changes color to pay tribute to various events and holidays. Get tickets here!


It’s safe to say that there is no other place where picturesque views are more in demand than New York City. Did we miss a favorite? Let us know in the comments!




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