Your Essential Guide to NYC Nightlife

You don’t have to be a constant night owl to appreciate NYC’s nightlife. The Big Apple is one of the few cities in America where the last call, the time they are legally required to stop serving alcohol, is 4:00AM. Let us fill you in on all the best night activities available to you in the Big Apple.

Wine Bars

(Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels)

  1. La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels [Soho]
  2. Aldo Sohm Wine Bar [Midtown]
  3. City winery [Soho]
  4. Pearl & Ash [Nolita]
  5. Staff Pick: Brooklyn Winery  [Williamsburg]


Rock or Rock ‘n’ Roll Clubs

The Rock Shop

(Photo by Julienne Schaer/ NYC & Company)

  1. Hard Rock Café [Times Square]
  2. Bowery Ballroom [Lower East Side]
  3. Mercury Lounge [Chelsea]
  4. The Rock Shop [Park Slope]
  5. Staff Pick: Rockwood Music Hall [East Village]


Underground Parties

  1.  ZERO Party [Various Location]
  2. Blkmarket Membership [Various Location]
  3. ReSolute [Various Location]
  4. Sheik ‘n’ Beik [Various Location]
  5. Staff Pick: The Cityfox Experience [Various Location]


Live Music & Concerts

  1. Terminal 5 [Midtown west]
  2. Café Wha? [Greenwich Village]
  3. Apollo Theater [Harlem]
  4. Shea Stadium BK [East Williamsburg]
  5. Staff Pick: Le Poisson rouge [West Village]


Burlesque & Drag Clubs

1. Staff Pick: Nurse Bettie [East Village]
Nurse Bettie is where you go for pin up themed burlesque shows and really well made cocktails.
2. The Slipper Room [East Village]
3. Duane Park [East Village]
4. The Box – Theatre of varieties [East Village]
5. Le Scandal [Hell’s Kitchen]



carl_gallery_hotel_(Photo via The Carlyle Hotel

  1. Studio 54 Theatre [Midtown]
  2. The Metropolitan Room [Flatiron District]
  3. The Duplex [West Village]
  4. La Soiree [Union Square]
  5. Staff Pick: Café Carlyle [Upper East Side]


Ladies Night Out

  1. Beauty & Essex [East Village]
  2. Tijuana Picnic [East Village]
  3. Juvenex Spa NYC [Open 24/7]
  4. Hunk-O-Mania [Hell’s Kitchen]
  5. Staff Pick: Beauty Bar [Lower East Side]


Cigar / Hookah Bars

2018 Cigar Smoking World Championship at Club Macanudo (Facebook)
  1. Grand Havana Room New York [Cigar bar – Midtown East]
  2.  Beekman Bar & Books [Cigar bar – Midtown East]
  3. Horus Too [Hookah – Hell’s Kitchen]
  4. Tagine [Hookah – Midtown West]
  5. Karma [Hookah – East Village]
  6. Staff Pick: Club Macanudo [Cigar Bar – Upper East Side]


After Work Spots

  1. 40/40 Club [Flatiron District]
  2.  230 Fifth Avenue [NoMad]
  3. Employees only [West Village]
  4. Qi Restaurant [Hell’s Kitchen]
  5. Staff Pick: The Press Lounge [Hell’s Kitchen]


Bowling / Billiard and Pool Games

Frame - Bowling(Photo via Frames NYC)

  1. Amsterdam Billiards [East Village]
  2. Break Bar and Billiards [Union Square]
  3. The Gutter | [Williamsburg]
  4. Bowlmor | [Chelsea Piers]
  5. Staff Pick: Frame Bowling Lounge [Hell’s Kitchen]


Gay Night Out

  1. Industry Bar [Hell’s Kitchen]
  2. XL Nightclub [Hell’s Kitchen]
  3. G Lounge [Chelsea]
  4. Escualita [Hell’s Kitchen]
  5. Eagle Bar NYC [Chelsea]
  6. Staff Pick: Therapy lounge [Hell’s Kitchen]


Lesbian Bars

(Stonewall Inn, Photo by Christopher Postlewaite/ NYC & Company)

  1. Cubby Hole [West Village]
  2. Henrietta Hudson [West Village]
  3. Ginger’s Bar [Park Slope]
  4. Staff Pick: Stonewall Inn [Greenwich Village]


Sake & Soju Bars

  1. Pocha 32 [Koreatown]
  2. Soju Haus [Koreatown]
  3. Shigure [East Village]
  4. SakaMai [East Village]
  5. Staff Pick: Sake Bar Hagi [Midtown]


Dance Clubs

(Webster Hall, Photo by Julienne Schaer/ NYC & Company)

  1. Webster hall [Union Square]
  2. Le Bain (at the Standard Hotel) [Meatpacking District]
  3. Marquee [Chelsea]
  4. Space Ibiza [Hell’s Kitchen]
  5. Hudson Terrace [Hell’s Kitchen]
  6. Staff Pick: Cielo Nightclub [Meatpacking District]


Comedy Clubs

  1. Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
  2. Caroline’s on Broadway [Midtown West]
  3. Gotham Comedy Club [Chelsea]
  4. Laughing Buddha Comedy [East Village]
  5. Dangefield’s Comedy Club [UES]
  6. Staff Pick: Comedy Cellar [Greenwich Village]


Latin Music

Havana Restaurant(Photo via Havana Central NYC)

  1. Amor Cubano [East Harlem]
  2. Copacabana [Midtown]
  3. Iguana NYC [Midtown West]
  4. Club Cache [Hell’s Kitchen]
  5. Staff Pick: Havana Central [Times Square]


Bars with Fireplaces 

  1. The Bowery Hotel Bar [East Village]
  2. Bar 21 and Lounge (inside the 21 Club) [Midtown]
  3. Shoolbred’s [Lower East Side]
  4. Lexington Bar & Books [Upper East Side]
  5. Staff Pick: Art Bar [West Village]


Karaoke Nights


  1. Karaoke Duet 35 [Midtown]
  2. Karaoke One 7 [Union Square]
  3. The spot Karaoke & Lounge [Midtown]
  4. Biny [Soho]
  5. Staff Pick: 5 Bar Karaoke Lounge [Midtown]


Night Spots with Games & Activities

  1. Royal Palms ShuffleBoard Club
  2. Full Circle Bar [Williamsburg]
  3. Fat cat (Live music, Pool, Ping Pong and more.) [West Village]
  4. Barcade [Various Location]
  5. Union Hall (Bocce) [North Slope]
  6. Ace bar [Alphabet City]
  7. Staff Pick: Dave & Buster’s [Times Square]


NYC Night Tours with Harlem Spirituals

(Photo by Reynaldo Brigantty from Pexels)

  1. New York at night guided Bike Tour
  2. Statue by Night Cruise
  3. Clipper City Harbor Lights Sails
  4. Shearwater City Lights Sailing
  5. Staff Pick: Dinner Cruise with Live Jazz Music


Unique Nightlife Experiences

Quiet Clubbing

  1. Queen of the Night (Music Show) – [Midtown]
  2. Camaje – Dinner in the dark (blindfolded-dining) – [West Village]
  3. Jekyll & Hyde (Spooky theme) – [West Village]
  4. Reunion NYC [Hell’s Kitchen]
  5. Staff Pick: Quiet Clubbing [Party with headphones on – Various Locations]


Upscale nightclubs/Celebrity Sighting Night Out

  1. Provocateur [Meatpacking District]
  2. Catch Rooftop [Meatpacking District]
  3. VIP Room [Meatpacking District]
  4. 1 OAK [Chelsea]
  5. Boom Boom Room [Meatpacking District]
  6. Staff Pick: PHD Rooftop Lounge [Meatpacking District]


All-Season Rooftop Lounges

(Top of the Strand, Photo via Facebook)

  1. The Skylark [Midtown]
  2. Refinery Rooftop [Midtown]
  3. Penthouse 808 [Long Island City]
  4. The Ides [Williamsburg]
  5. Staff Pick: Top of the Strand


Jazz Night Out



  1. Jazz at Lincoln Center [Upper West Side]
  2. Dinner Cruise with Live Jazz Music
  3. B.B. King Blues Club & Grill [Times Square]
  4. Village Vanguard [Greenwich Village]
  5. Staff Pick: Soul Food and Jazz Tour with us!


Date Night

(Bar Velo, via Facebook)

  1. NiteHawk Cinema [Williamsbug]
  2. Gallow Green [Chelsea]
  3. Museum of Sex [Kips Bay]
  4. Sleep No More [Chelsea]
  5. Staff Pick: Bar Velo

Whether you’d rather sip a Manhattan from the 65th floor of a swanky bar or dance till 4 a.m. on a Tuesday night, NYC is the right city to do anything that your heart desires. So go ahead, the night is yours, choose your kind of night and go have a blast! Looking for some direction? Book a New York by Night- Rooftop and Speakeasy Tour to get the best of both worlds. If you are interested in finding more to do in New York City, search through our complete range of tours, attractions and activities. We can also tailor-make programs specifically to match your desires and budgets. Harlem Spirituals is the ideal one-stop-shop to simplify your planning! Find more information on

What do you love the most about the Big Apple’s nightlife?




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