10 Reasons to Love Brooklyn

If you don’t generally consider Brooklyn as a great summer destination, keep reading we will tell you about all the things to include on your must-see list; from family-friendly gardens to free summer concerts. Brooklyn has a bit of everything for everyone to enjoy himself or herself, whether you’re traveling solo, with your children, planning a romantic getaway or meeting up with friends. Although just strolling around the streets of Brooklyn can be fun; especially with its beautiful brownstones and the many wonderful things to see, below are just SOME of the reasons why you must visit Brooklyn this summer.

1. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Brooklyn Botanical Garden
(Photo by Dan-Flickr)

The Botanical gardens continues to reign as one of the most breathtaking parks in New York, particularly because of its serenity and the Japanese Gardens. Even though it has gotten more crowded recently the garden continues to harbor tranquility; the landscaping and design are also incredible. If you happen to be in the neighborhood or if you are visiting New York, we highly recommend a visit to the Botanical Gardens and the Japanese Garden, to be exact. It’s definitely a pleasant little escape from the crowded streets of Manhattan. To avoid the crowd, try not to visit on weekends.

2. Celebrate Brooklyn Music Festival

Music fans: this annual concert series was created with you in mind; Celebrate Brooklyn usually brings musicians from all over the world! With such a wide variety of talents set to take the stage at the Prospect Park Bandshell in Park Slope, some of the shows will be ticketed but only to help fund the free ones. If you are going to attend the free shows remember they reach capacity pretty quickly, so you may want to get there a bit early.
This summer’s full lineup has already been announced and you can see the list of talents by visiting BRIC, the non-profit arts organization that organizes the festival.

3. The Food

(Photo by Erin-Flickr)

Home to some of NYC’s best eateries, Brooklyn is a place for foodies. No matter what your diet, you can always find something to eat. If you want to try out some of the most popular places to eat, we suggest you go to Marlow & Sons for brunch, Roberta’s for pizzas, DuMont Burger for burgers, Fette Sau for BBQ or Smorgasburg for, well, everything! Smorgasburg is not a restaurant but a weekly outdoors tasting event, where you can find food from reputable restaurants as well as the new and emerging ones. Every vendor will offer something different and delicious, predictably you will have a hard time deciding what to settle on. One thing is for sure, there’s quite nothing like it in the borough!
Yes, Brooklyn’s restaurant scene is constantly changing—but what’s not to love?

4. Williamsburg

The center of all things hip in Brooklyn; it attracts many quirky, open-minded artistic types. The neighborhood may have rents higher than Manhattan nowadays, but you’ll still find much of the street art and grunginess that made Williamsburg appealing in the first place. This part of Brooklyn is filled with foodie-approved restaurants, rooftop bars, flea markets and trendy shops. Sure, the locals would never admit that they’re hipsters, but isn’t that what all true hipsters do? Nonetheless, you should check out Williamsburg because you want to keep up with the newest, the hottest and the hippest.

5. Prospect Park 

The landscape of this park is great for almost every activity. There are playgrounds for kids, a path for runners and bikers, a lake with boat rides, a grass area for picnics and more! There’s even a corner in the park called Drummer’s Grove where you can hear the impressive rhythms of drummers echoing in the air. You can roller-skate here in the summer or ice-skate in the winter. The park also contains the Prospect Park Zoo, which has more than 400 animals and over 140 species.

6. Coney Island Cyclone 

A must try for any roller coaster fanatic; if not for the historic significance, then for the fact that this classic still got it! What makes it so different? How about the fear of it falling down any minute? Of course the probability of that happening is really tiny but it looks like it could. Riding the cyclone is an experience like no other – and what a view!If a 2140 feet (800m) long roller coaster is not your thing, Coney Island beach offers a variety of activities that you can enjoy. From watching otters, walruses and penguins at the New York aquarium to playing arcade games on the boardwalk, you’re going to find plenty of things to do once you are in Coney Island. 

7. Brooklyn Bridge

If you enjoy landmarks and great views, you can’t beat this experience in New York City. The view is absolutely superb and the bridge itself is a work of art. To explore this masterpiece you can walk it, bike it, drive by, or simply stop by to appreciate it. It can be a bit crowded at times, but this is NYC we’re talking about after all!

8.  Barclays Center 

Considered the Madison Square Garden of Brooklyn by some locals, the Barclays Center is the place to be if you are looking for showbiz or sporting events to attend. Whether you are there to see Brooklyn’s own NBA team, the Brooklyn Nets, play or watch really talented musicians like Barbara Streisand, Billy Joel or Beyonce perform; this massive multi-purpose stadium has it all. The remarkable design of the arena will allow you to fully enjoy the show no matter where you are sitting. For tickets or more information, visit Barclays Center.

9. Brooklyn Heights

This residential neighborhood with photo-opportunity-friendly streets and the beautifully restored row of townhouses is undeniably lovely, and not overly trendy or commercialized. If you are in this area with kids, take them to the Museum of Transit where even those who dislike museums will have fun. There are also loads of little eateries and bars for those looking to try some Brooklyn brewed beers.

10. Brooklyn Heights Promenade 

This park is definitely one of the most romantic locations in New York City. You can sit on one of the benches and enjoy the views of the lower Manhattan’s skyline as well as the New York Harbor or you can make your way to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. If you are going to Brooklyn, every visit should include the Promenade.

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Did we mention your favorite place in Brooklyn? If not, tell us about it in the comments! And if you don’t know Brooklyn yet, hop on our tours to discover all the greatness of this NYC borough!

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