Harriet Tubman Memorial - Harlem Monuments

5 Harlem Monuments You Should Not Miss

From the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920’s, through the civil rights movements in the 60’s, and until today with its ongoing renaissance, Harlem has always played a pivotal role in African American history. While visiting Harlem, you’ll come across a number of Harlem monuments honoring prominent African American figures. Here is our list of 5 Harlem monuments you should not miss and the inspiring destinies of the figures they are representing.

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Harlem housefronts then and now

10 Incredible Then-And-Now Photos of Harlem

Harlem will celebrate this year the 100th anniversary of its golden era: the Harlem Renaissance. Let us go back in time to look at the storied past and transformation of our most beloved NYC neighborhood! Before it became a Manhattan neighborhood, Harlem was actually a village named Nieuw Haarlem, named by the Dutch. It has ever since kept its independent spirit and its own culture, feeling like an entire new world from the rest of Manhattan. Read on to explore the riveting evolution of the neighborhood through a collection of then-and-now photos of Harlem.

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Harlem Black History Month

7 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in New York

One of the best things to do in February in New York is to celebrate Black History Month! Our city has been a major platform for African American culture ever since the golden era of the Harlem Renaissance in the 20’s, with the blooming of legendary African American writers and artists. Nowadays, Harlem is still nicknamed the ‘Capital of Black America’ and New York remains one of the most exciting cities in the US to take part in Black History Month celebrations. Here is our selection of the best events and activities to honor African American culture and history.

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Black History Month: Josephine Baker

This February, as a part of our ongoing celebration of Black History Month, we wanted to share the story of Josephine Baker, one of the greatest African American entertainers of all time, and a committed political activist.

“Let us stop saying ‘white Americans’ or ‘colored Americans,’ let us try once and for all saying… Americans. Let human beings be equal on Earth as in Heaven.”

– Josephine Baker

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