The Best of Brooklyn: Neighborhoods You Must See

Many non-New Yorkers make the initial mistake in assuming that the borough of Brooklyn is only composed of quant streets full of roaming artists, hipsters and concept stores. Yet, like many other parts of New York City, Brooklyn is very diverse, culturally vibrant, and each neighborhood has a vibe of its own. Manhattan has always received the highest praise when it comes to visiting New York City, but what is across the East River should not be ignored. Although more travelers are choosing to explore Brooklyn when visiting NYC, Brooklyn is still far from being a tourist hub. Explore the trendy and diverse neighborhoods of Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Park Slope, Bushwick, Coney Island, Red HookDUMBO, Greenpoint and Williamsburg during your stay here in New York.

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New York in the fall-Photo: Marley

What To Do In New York in October: Our 10 Best Activities

The spookiest season has arrived, filled with haunted houses and pumpkins, apple cider and hard cider, pizza and…pickles! Yet, even though Halloween is THE most anticipated event in New York in October, there are plenty of other arty, fun and festive events going on this month. Be sure not to miss a beat. Here’s our selection of the 10 best things to do in NYC in October 2019.

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Then & Now: From Harlem Renaissance to Today

Harlem will celebrate this year the 100th anniversary of its golden era: the Harlem Renaissance. Let us go back in time to look at the storied past and transformation of our most beloved NYC neighborhood! Before it became a Manhattan neighborhood, Harlem was actually a village named Nieuw Haarlem, named by the Dutch. It has ever since kept its independent spirit and its own culture, feeling like an entire new world from the rest of Manhattan. Read on to explore the riveting evolution of the Harlem neighborhood through the Harlem Renaissance.

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Downtown Manhattan, Oculus, New York

5 Days in New York: The Best Itinerary for First-time Visitors

Planning to spend 5 days in New York City but not sure where to start? The journey may seem intimidating, so let us make it easier for you. Enjoy the city that we know and love thanks to our insider tips and advice. Here are our day-to-day recommendations for your first visit into New York City!

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Hot dog cart in New york

8 Things You Will Only See in NYC

Like most major cities, the Big Apple has its share of distinctive and quintessential places to see: the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and plenty more. But, also iconic to New York City are those who live here. Perhaps it’s the size and the diversity of the population — or maybe it’s something in the water. Regardless of what the case may be, there is nothing like what you will see in the streets of New York City.

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